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Our internal core…

is cemented by our shared desire to improve the well being of those around us. Our team is educated and thoughtful in our pursuits, trained and developed by leading fashion companies. Our backgrounds range from Material Scientists and nurses to technical garment designers and seamstresses, all committed to building and sharing our vision of garment design.  

To all visionaries: you're wanted.

Please check out the opportunities listed below and reach out to us if you're feeling what we're feeling.


Our Opportunities

We're currently sourcing the following talents.


Studio Sales Manager - Vancouver

The Studio Sales Manager sets the tone for our team dynamic and client experience. As Studio Sales Manager, your prime objective is to drive your company to success through innovation and vision. 


STYLIST lEAD - Vancouver

As the Stylist Lead, you value individuality and aesthetics. The Stylist Lead is attentive and intimate with the needs of others, working closely to provide enhanced solutions. Your responsibilities involve fitting sessions, consultations and individualized styling sessions.


SEAMSTRESS - Vancouver

As the Seamstress, you are a commander for quality and a master of technique. Responsibilities of the Seamstress range from sewing alterations to production preparation to sample making.  You work closely with our team of designers and stylists.


pRoduction manager - Los angeles

Production Manager at OKAKIE is the operational force behind the movement of product and it's manufacturing processes. This position requires a highly conscientious professional to engineer the perfect product at it's development.


technical designer - VANCOUVER

As technical designer, you will work closely with the Creative Director and Production Manager to construct the design elements of every garment. From fabric selection to fit - your work is dedicated to the highest standard of garment excellence.


marketing + social media - VANCOUVER

Your core directive is to advance and maximize business opportunities through alternative channels. From social media to public relations, you are a champion of opportunistic ideas and execution.